Simple. User-friendly. These are the key words consumers attach themselves to when using online applications to shop for a home. While house hunters have a few popular choices out there such as Zillow and Trulia—many times these sites don’t update you with the full content real estate agents include at our local listing service.

RealScout is offering my clients more personalized searches and will notify you through automated alerts when a home matches your criteria.  More importantly it will update you of all changes within your search criteria including price changes.  I can't say enough about how important it is to be notified when a property you have had your eye on has just had a major price drop.

RealScout also fills the gaps that systems like Zillow and Trulia miss—mainly the human element of communication. Once your search data has been entered just sit back and wait for your results.  No need to spend time entering your criteria on a daily basis.  In my opinion these other web applications have become outdated, and don’t always include periodic updates agents make to their listings.

"RealScout was mobile friendly and a game changer for up to date property notifications", said a current client.

Visit my RealScout site below and sign-up for what most say is the best real estate search engine they have ever used.  If you have a question about signing up or need more information on how to get started feel free to contact me today.  Robert Stiles

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